External Review

In February 2009, the Ron Brown Scholar Program began participating in an independent external review conducted by Wilder Research. Wilder Research of Saint Paul, Minnesota, set out to measure the activities and accomplishments of the Scholars, the influence and impact of the Program on the Scholars’ success, the effectiveness of program elements, and to identify areas for improvement.

The primary method used in the evaluation was a web-based survey of all 241 current and alumni Ron Brown Scholars. Scholar participation in the survey was 92%. Specifically, the evaluation focused on Scholar academic performance, graduation rates, community service involvement, study abroad, scholarship impact, leadership activities, mentorships and mentoring, commitment to the program and each other, employment,and graduate and professional school education.

We are pleased to share with you the findings from the report.

Ron Brown Scholar Program External Review Summary June 2009

Ron Brown Scholar Program External Review Full Report (154 pages) June 2009