A few of our confirmed speakers include:

Dr Usa Bunnag

  Founder, Smile on Wings

Terri Dean
Sr. Vice President, Verizon Business

Tom Werner
Chairman, Boston Red Sox.

Greg Fairchild

Assistant Professor, Darden


Boyd Tinsley

Dave Matthews Band

Marva Smalls
Exec. Vice President of MTV Networks

The Honorable Diana Dougan

U.S. Ambassador


Melvin Foote

CEO, Constituency for Africa


Andrea Frey
Program Officer, Oak Foundation


About the Conference:
The Triennial Summer Leadership Conference will be held in Charlottesville, Virginia, from August 6th through 10th, 2008. The Conference theme, Local Service - Global Change will address how community service at the grassroots level can create a measurable impact on a global scale in fields as diverse as education, entertainment, business, healthcare, public policy, government and urban renewal.

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