Andrew Ntim

Hometown: Zion, IL

high school: Zion-Benton Township

college: Stanford University

MAJOR: Public Policy

For Andrew Ntim, childhood was a time exemplified by the acquisition of knowledge. Whether delving into his favorite books, spending time with amazing teachers, or traveling to local museums, a hunger for learning characterized Andrew's days. The most vital piece of knowledge learned during this period, however, came not from books or classrooms, but rather from his parents. Born to an immigrant from Ghana and a mother who grew up in poverty − both of whom went on to achieve Master's degrees in adulthood − Andrew learned he must always have hope and face the future with optimism. By doing so, as his parents asserted, anything was possible.

At age 13, when he moved to Zion, Illinois and transitioned into high school, Andrew held fast to his optimistic mindset despite the financial and emotional struggles he came to face during this time. Indeed, these new surroundings served to strengthen his resolve, helping Andrew forge a belief that his ideal future could be realized through hard work and determination. First and foremost, this would come from a dedication to academics. Throughout his four years of high school, Andrew has illustrated this dedication time and time again. He has maintained a 4.65 GPA throughout high school, has been consistently ranked in the top 2% of his class, and has been recognized as a National Merit Finalist, National Achievement Scholar and AP Scholar with Distinction. With each of these achievements, Andrew has taken another step on his lifelong journey towards success and fulfillment.

However, Andrew also understood that in order to make an impact on the future, he had to do more than work to better himself: he needed to work to help others as well. This has been made possible not only through direct community service − something Andrew has had a great deal of experience with as president of his school's National Honor Society and member of his youth group − but also through many of his other endeavors and passions. These have included his school's newspaper The Stinger, where Andrew serves as Co−Editor−in−Chief and advocates for important issues in his school through editorials, along with his school's anti−drug coalition "Healthy YOUth" and freshman mentoring program. In each of these leadership roles, Andrew has not only brought with him the determination and perseverance that allowed him to succeed academically, but also an enthusiasm and energy that is extremely contagious.

Though Andrew has always looked forward to the future, he has not yet come to a final decision as to what university or major he will choose. Nevertheless, he faces the unknown with open arms and a smile, just as he has always done. With passion, dedication and a positive attitude on his side, Andrew's future is bright beyond measure, and through the support of the Ron Brown Scholar Program, there is no doubt it will be absolutely fantastic.

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