Kelli Stewart

Hometown: Bartlett, TN

high school: White Station HS

college: Emory University

MAJOR: Economics & Education

GRAD. PROGRAM: New York University School of Law (2004, JD)

Kelle loves to create music of all kinds and is also a back-end web developer. She graduated from NYU Law with an Intellectual Property focus so she's especially interested in the many opportunities presented by blockchain technology. She's currently developing an API application to maximize passive revenue streams for new artists as her Capstone Project for the Thinkful Full-Stack Web Development Program.

Kelle also has a rich background in public service and education so she regularly seeks out opportunities to work on projects promoting increased efficiency and data utilization in the non-profit and government sectors.

Most of all, Kelle loves back-end web development and is open to any and all opportunities to grow and develop her skills on an innovative, values-based team.

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