Allen Yancy

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

high school: Calvert Hall College

college: Harvard University

MAJOR: History

GRAD. PROGRAM: Yale Law School (2006, JD)

During his high school years at Calvert Hall College in Baltimore, Allen Yancy pursued all honors courses in the school’s McMullin Scholars Program for intellectually gifted students. Unequivocally endorsed by the Chair of the English Department as "one of the top five students I’ve encountered in my thirty years of teaching," Allen also served as president of the "It’s Academic" Bowl Team.

Allen has extended his record of academic excellence at Harvard where he is majoring in history. On the basis of his performance in his first two years there, he was awarded a Mellon Undergraduate Fellowship which will enable him to collaborate on scholarly research with one of his professors. As an intern at the Miller Center of Public Affairs last summer, Allen assisted in the Presidential Recordings Project and researched the American press's evaluation of John F. Kennedy's presidency.

When he is not engrossed in his studies, Allen enjoys playing soccer. The team he captained finished second in Harvard's intramural competition. In addition to being grateful to the CAP Foundation for "making Harvard a reality for me," Allen says that he appreciates the support that the Ron Brown Scholars offer each other at Harvard.

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