Antonia Henry

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

high school: City HS

college: University of Michigan

MAJOR: Microbiology

GRAD. PROGRAM: Harvard Medical School (2006, MD); Harvard School of Public Health (2011, MPH)

Looking back on my days at the University of Michigan, I have learned to live in the present and to remember humility in the midst of extraordinary opportunity. After graduating as Valedictorian from Grand Rapids City High School, I went on to the University of Michigan where I attended lots of football games and not enough parties. A Microbiology major, I've had my fill of catching fruit flies in Genetics, counting bacteria colonies, streaking agar plates, and setting up PCRs in my research lab.

At school, I served as Assistant Resident Director and Multicultural Peer Advisor in my residence hall, Programs Chair for the Encompass multiethnic group, Peer Minister at Canterbury House Episcopal Center, and representative to the President's Commission on the Undergraduate Experience. Searching for adventure, I traveled to South Africa in summer 2000 to conduct public health research on childhood asthma. I am also proud to be a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society.

During a tumultuous and eventful Senior year at U-Michigan, I was selected as a finalist in the American Rhodes Scholarship competition and delivered the student address at the 2002 Honors Convocation. Since graduating with a BS in Microbiology with Distinction, I joined the Navy in the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program and am now Ensign Henry. Imagine! In August, I will continue my studies at Harvard Medical School. Afterwards, I will practice as a Navy physician before pursuing a career in global health policy.

My deepest thanks go to the Ron Brown Program and the CAP Foundation for giving me the freedom to make the most of my undergraduate education. My best wishes to all of the Scholars - we're making it happen!

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