Julian Miller

Hometown: Winstonville, MS

high school: MS School for Math & Science

college: Harvard University

MAJOR: Government

GRAD. PROGRAM: Univ. of Mississippi School of Law (2013, JD)

Julian D. Miller, a straight-A student, hated school. He hated school with a passion. Ironically, he was the pride and joy of his teachers, the envy of his classmates. Still, somehow the thought of getting an education in order to make something of his life instilled the fear of God in him. He was afraid he would take full advantage of the opportunity to fail and felt that the best resolution for coping with that fear was to run away from the challenges school presented him.

Then, almost inexplicably, his nightmares of failure turned into dreams of success. He began to embrace school as a means of attaining the best that life could offer. In addition to being a straight "A" student throughout both his grade and high school careers, Julian received the biggest honor of his high school career when in his senior year he was named both a National Achievement Finalist and an Achievement Scholar by the National Merit Scholarship Corp. Too, he was elected by the MS School for Mathematics & Science student senate as its president pro tempore. During his junior year at MSMS, he was named a National Conference of Black Mayors Scholar and was also the recipient of the prestigious Spirit of MSMS award given by MSMS to students who best exemplify the fundamental MSMS ideals of scholarship, service, creativity, and community. Julian is also an outspoken member of National Mu Alpha Theta (math national honor society), where he not only is a member of the organization's executive board, but also placed at both the organization's state and national tournaments, Future Business Leaders of America (where he serves as the organization's vice-president), the community service - oriented Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), National Beta Club, National Honor Society (where he was past vice-president), and was an active science fair participant and state fair winner. He was also a page for the MS House of Representatives. Julian performed a poetry-based monologue he had written based on the life of a Columbus (MS) hotel proprietor and businessman during the mid-19th century which had taken a year to research. He maintained a 4.0 average while taking a plethora of honors, college-level, and AP classes in English, calculus, statistics, physics, chemistry, and biology at MSMS.Outside of the classroom, Julian conducted his own private tutoring program for youngsters.

Julian gains the most satisfaction from the experiences he had with those people who have helped him. Those people include his loving, compassionate, and devoted family and his wonderful community of friends and teachers at MSMS who have become more like family to him. No matter where Julian's fate takes him, his heart and soul will remain with those individuals forever. The positive impact that his friends and family have had on him has touched his life to such an extent that he feels compelled to pass the blessing on, to change for the better the lives of others.

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