Chaz Beasley

Hometown: Conover, NC

high school: Newton-Conover

college: Harvard University

MAJOR: Economics

GRAD. PROGRAM: Georgetown University Law Center (2013, JD)

Strong communities are built upon the idea that the success of one is linked to the success of all. Without the thriving, supportive community of Ron Brown Scholars, Chaz Beasley would not be the person he is today. 

Born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina, Chaz grew up in a low-income, single parent home. Facing the challenges of poverty, his family did not have the money to pay for an increasingly-expensive college education. The Ron Brown Scholar Program helped bridge that gap, supporting Chaz as he graduated from Harvard with honors.  The Program honed Chaz’s desire to give back. After graduation, Chaz worked to reform the housing industry during the toughest days of the recent economic crisis. His desire to change the way our nation’s laws impact economic growth encouraged him to attend law school at Georgetown.

As a law student, Chaz translated his legal training into action through his work in the Supreme Court of North Carolina and the United States Senate. He spent his spare time coaching youth basketball at a small grade school and serving on the board of the Ron Brown Scholars Alumni Association. Following law school, Chaz returned home to North Carolina, where he works as a finance attorney. 

Currently, Chaz is representative-elect for the North Carolina House of Representatives (District 92). He cites the Ron Brown Scholar Program in his decision to run, as the Program is a personal example of how a supportive community can transform lives. Through public service, he hopes to put the Program’s values of building genuine relationships and supporting future generations into action.

Chaz lives near Charlotte, NC. He enjoys hitting the gym and spending time with his family, his fiancée Whitney, and his future step-daughter, Maddison.

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