Jeanine Pollard

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

high school: Notre Dame Prep

college: Brown University

MAJOR: Neuroscience

GRAD. PROGRAM: Boston University (2011, MS)

Jeanine was raised in Baltimore City, and is never shy in mentioning her origins to strangers. Growing up in Baltimore has molded Jeanine into the person she is today. The saying, “You can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl,” explains her well.

Jeanine graduated from Notre Dame Prep, a small all-girls Catholic school in Towson, MD. There, she maintained a 3.97 GPA as well as being in the top 5% of her graduating class of 133 students. In addition to her academic honors, Jeanine was also a heavily involved school leader. She held leadership positions in extracurricular activities such as the Habitat club, Christian Community Awareness Program, Cultural Awareness Club and the Student Faculty Board. She still cherished those seven years as an NDP girl.

Jeanine graduated from Brown University in Providence, RI in May 2009 with an ScB in Neuroscience. For her, these four years in New England were amazing and she would revisit all of her experiences at Brown in a heartbeat. In addition to being a Resident Counselor for three years, Jeanine was involved in the Brown University Chorus, Applied Music Program for Voice, Brown Arts mentoring, and intramural badminton. The highlight of Jeanine’s Brown experience was her three years at the Brown University Center for the Study of Children at Risk studying effects of prenatal cocaine exposure on brain development under the guidance of Dr. Barry Lester. 

Four years after being granted the Ron Brown Scholarship, Jeanine still strives to pursue higher education. In the fall of 2009, she entered Boston University’s master’s program in Education of the Deaf. This program choice was inspired by her mentor and American Sign Language (ASL) professor at Brown, Arkady Belozovsky. In addition to her studies, Jeanine is a research assistant for Dr. Marlon Kuntze, studying the development of complex morphology in the ASL of deaf children.

Jeanine is currently enjoying urban life in Boston and in addition to her schoolwork, she enjoys listening to and playing music. Her eccentric taste ranges from R&B to Indie rock to show tunes. She thanks God daily for the constant support and guidance of her family, friends, and teachers, who have been instrumental in her achievements thus far.

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