Ade Sawyer

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

high school: Southwest DeKalb

college: Duke University

MAJOR: Public Policy

Ade is an Atlanta native, originally hailing from the city’s West End community. As a child he was blessed to be a part of a family and community that taught him pride in himself and his history, asserting that nothing was impossible with determination, dedication to doing good and a connection to a higher power.

His parents instilled a thirst for knowledge in him that persists today. Since childhood, he has been an avid reader and a keen observer of the world. This passion contributed to his academic success and helped him develop a spirit of service, seeking to combat injustice in the world. As a teen, he was deeply involved in community service, primarily through Brothers of Leadership and Distinction/Ladies of Distinction (BOLD/LOD), a service and mentoring organization founded at his high school. Through BOLD/LOD, he developed leadership skills and witnessed the power of a group of focused, passionate young people coming together for good.

He attended Duke University, where he majored in Public Policy at the Sanford School of Public Policy, and minored in history. As a student there, he focused on the interactions of government and media, cultivatinga keen interest in political communication. Through his studies, he fed his curiosity about the ways that individuals and groups make decisions, and how they act together for the common good. Beyond academics, he participated in a range of organizations, penning a column for the school’s newspaper, sitting on the President’s Council on Black Affairs, serving as a board member for the Black Student Alliance and serving in the Duke Student Government. Today he resides in Washington, D.C., working in public relations.

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