Jasmine Browne

Hometown: Tampa, FL

high school: Middleton High School

college: Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering

The only girl and the youngest of four children, Jasmine has had talented footsteps to follow. This may be why, from before her second birthday, she developed an “I can do it, let me do it” attitude, enabling her to persevere through all manner of challenges. Whether doing without the basics of electricity or food or taking part in a discipline that has been traditionally white or male, Jasmine has made sure that her commitment to excellence came first. She does not allow circumstances to cause her to fail or deter her from her chosen path. She does not let others use her gender or race to prevent her from accomplishing her goals. She is continually learning as much as she can from anyone who is able and willing to teach her. Consequently, she has gladly assisted others who are also reaching for excellence.

Because of the unconditional love and acceptance that she experienced at home, it was not until she attended camp ‘Anytown’ as a rising freshman that Jasmine really became aware of some children’s harmful backgrounds. Since then, she has developed a positive and constructive attitude. Understanding the need to open doors for both herself and others, Jasmine uses the obstacles that are placed in her path as motivation to accomplish even more. She is involved in neighborhood and community improvement programs like the 2006 Mayor’s Youth Corps, which provided a wonderful opportunity to learn about city government and leadership. Through this organization, she also participated in a local news show, “From the Corps”, which highlights issues of interest to teens, such as driving, Internet safety, and maintaining good health.

Along with her blessings, Jasmine has had to face some adversities. The death of her father just before her thirteenth birthday forced her to confront hardships she had not previously encountered. However, deciding that her father’s teaching would not go to waste, she used her pain as inspiration to work harder. Growing up often doing with less, she recognizes God’s grace in her life and is thankful for what she has.

Jasmine was born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Tampa, Florida. Having parents who raised their children by the Word of God molded her into a strong, capable, and loving young lady. Her focus on excellence has enabled her to graduate at the top of her class. She has received accolades from several organizations and honor groups. Acknowledging her talents, Jasmine is determined to use them to assist those who are not as fortunate.

Jasmine has always striven to be a well-rounded person. She demonstrates this through her high academic achievement, her participation in team sports, and her membership in engineering and service related clubs. Partially satisfying her political inclinations, Jasmine is a committed member of her school’s Model United Nations team. She hopes her faith, upbringing, and the continued support of her family and friends will help her make a positive contribution to the world.

Jasmine is currently a Product Supply Engineer at Proctor & Gamble.

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