Nicholas Newsome

Hometown: Oakland, CA

high school: St. Mary's College High School

college: University of Southern California

MAJOR: Business

Born July 9, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, Nicholas Newsome was 8 lbs and 2 oz of joy and inspiration. And since that moment he has never failed to inspire or entertain a crowd. He lived with his mother and grandmother until one of many tragedies stuck and his mother, who suffers from a mental illness, was hospitalized for several weeks. At 18 months of age Nicholas moved to San Francisco to live with his father, Kevin Newsome, whom he would live with for the remainder of his childhood.

Nicholas struggled with living in a single-parent household and tragedy was no stranger to him. Aware that his mother was diagnosed with bipolar illness at an early age, Nicholas was forced to mature quickly. This maturation led to development of Nicholas’s unique worldview and understanding of the pains that come with life. He shared the suffering his mother endured and witnessed the struggle of living in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Nicholas draws a lot of his inspiration and motivation to persevere from a specific incident. When he was in fourth grade, his mother had a manic episode and took Nicholas and his little sister on a wild trip to New York City. He and his sister soon found out that they were separated from their mother and lost on the streets of New York. He was determined to keep his sister with him safe, and after gathering up enough courage he approached a police officer for help.

Nicholas and his sister found themselves in dreaded foster care for several days separated from each other, not knowing when if ever they would be taken back home. Fortunately, they were rescued, but the experience would stay with them forever. It taught Nicholas a lot about appreciation for being mentally healthy and it taught him never to take the luxuries of life for granted. Although it has been difficult to live without motherly attention, he has been able to take that negative experience and form it into positive motivation to help and serve others.

Interested in law, the summer before his sophomore year, Nicholas took it upon himself to enroll in a program as a McCullom Youth Court Attorney for his local tri-city area (Bay Area). As a Youth Attorney, he takes on real-life cases, prosecuting and defending young delinquents. He enjoys the work that he does as a Youth Attorney and has worked his way up to become a Lead Attorney.

In addition to law, Nicholas is interested in the green technology. He believes that green technology will become the worldwide focus of attention in the future. As ideas and uses of green technology advance, Nicholas would like to incorporate its expansion to assist low-income communities. For example, he has the idea to build several 100% energy- efficient homes equipped with the latest energy-saving technology, and to move underrepresented families who struggle financially into these homes. Nicholas feels that not only do those who move into the houses benefit, but the community as a whole benefits because it has promoted the practical application of green technology and reduced the community’s environmental impact.

Nicholas is a critical thinker and a problem-solver. He has persevered through several adversities and has not let them slow him down. He has developed the skill to not let negative experiences stop him, but to reverse their effect and propel him forward.

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