Malcolm Grayson

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

high school: Northrop HS

college: Harvard University

MAJOR: Philosophy

Malcolm is currently a senior at Harvard University where he is working to complete a double major in Philosophy and The Comparative Study of Religion with a minor in Psychology. He specializes in ancient Indian philosophies of mind, consciousness, subjectivity, and self.

Malcolm is not only a philosopher, but a musician, chess player, and poet. He has played the violin for most of his life, and has worked with professional orchestras since high school, as well as the Harvard Bach Society Orchestra. He also served as President of the Harvard Chess Club and led the Harvard Chess Team to two national first-place titles for the first time in 14 years. Malcolm also composes poetry, and has written dozens of poems in English, German, Japanese, and Sanskrit.

For three years Malcolm has been conducting professional research at Harvard Medical School on the nature of dreams, which have fascinated him since childhood. Malcolm is in fact an accomplished lucid dreamer, able to wake within his dreams at will and explore the dream-world with perfect lucidity. He uses lucid dreaming as inspiration for his philosophical, poetical, and musical compositions.

Ultimately Malcolm aspires to be a video game designer in Tokyo.

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