Anthony Mayfield

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

high school: Boswell High School

college: Stanford University

MAJOR: Electrical Engineering

As a child, Anthony Mayfield grew up in an atmosphere saturated with innovation, creativity, and knowledge. In fact, his days were often spent reading chapter books, modifying toy Nerf guns, building model cars and boats, or studying math lessons months in advance of the rest of his class. To Anthony, every activity was an opportunity to learn, and his hunger for knowledge never seemed to die down. Realizing this passion, his father, a mechanic, presented him with projects that stimulated his young mind. This included taking Anthony to weekend workshops at Lowe’s to independently design various wooden products, giving him hands-on engineering kits to introduce him to the idea of circuits, and even funding his many inventions which ranged from personal hand-held fans to Boy Scout derby cars. And through each of these experiences, Anthony’s self-motivation, curiosity, and desire to learn only continued to increase, further shaping his character and aspirations for the future.

Transitioning into high school, Anthony held onto his passion for acquiring knowledge, enrolling in every honors and AP course possible.  By doing so, he began to develop a strong work ethic that carried him into the top ten-percent and eventually into the first-ranking position. That dedication to academics is also illustrated by his consistent 4.0 GPA and achievements including his title as an AP Scholar with Honor and Outstanding Participant in the National Achievement Program. Likewise, Anthony has established himself in numerous organizations and activities, particularly in his school’s marching, concert, and jazz bands, programs that have developed his interest in music and performance. In addition, he has displayed his abilities as a leader in his many executive positions, including Vice President of National Honors Society and captain of the soccer team. And with each of these accomplishments and involvements, Anthony has taken steps toward success and fulfillment.

That being said, even with his attention on bettering himself as an individual, Anthony has understood the importance of impacting his community. In fact, coming from a family that hasn’t always been financially sound, he has experience with being in need of assistance and has therefore taken it upon himself to find ways to help meet the needs of the people around him. This includes volunteering at his local food bank (Community Link) and church outreach program (Life Unlimited), where he takes part in passing out food and supplies to members of the community in need. In addition, Anthony has played a role in the marching band’s effort to raise money for a local college student involved in a serious car accident, acquiring close to $2000 in a one-minute event to donate to the student’s prosthetic-fund. Ultimately, such events have had an immense impact on Anthony, developing compassion and a caring heart for the people in his local community.

Looking forward to what’s ahead, Anthony has decided to attend Stanford University and to study electrical engineering to pursue his passion for innovation and his desire for leaving an impact on the world of technology.

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