Bruke Kifle

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

high school: Thomas Alva Edison High School

college: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MAJOR: Engineering

Bruke Kifle, born in Ethiopia, often heard stories of the American Dream. Despite having parents who sought to promote their children’s potentials, an education and upbringing in the United States of America was simply a dream. However, this dream quickly became a reality when Bruke and his family won the Diversity Visa lottery in the spring of 2001.

Transitioning to America at the age of five, Bruke was determined to achieve something great. Whether making frequent visits to the local library with his older sister in hope of learning the new language or optimizing his role as the handyman of the house, Bruke’s childhood was characterized by a passion for knowledge. However, with parents who had sacrificed their professions and comfortable lifestyles in order to ensure a brighter future for their children, the knowledge that he gained from books paled in comparison to the humility and optimism that he adopted from his parents.

At a young age, the support of his family and his firm faith in God enabled Bruke to develop a strong foundation through a dedication to his studies. Throughout his four years of high school, Bruke, in the top of his class, maintained a 4.40 GPA as an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate and was named an outstanding participant in the National Achievement Scholarship Program. In addition to his achievements at school, Bruke’s role as the handyman of the house and his interests in math and science served as the foundation for his academic achievements and involvements outside of school. Bruke’s personal initiative and the support of his family, friends and teachers enabled him to take the next step towards his dreams as he designed a mock mission to Mars under the guidance of NASA astronauts and engineers as a Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholar and undertook Carnegie Mellon University’s challenging six-week-long Summer Academy for Math and Science, both on merit-based scholarships.

However, Bruke’s personal development isn’t restricted to his academic dedications. His efforts in providing others the opportunities that were afforded to him have encouraged him to serve as a mentor and leader in his school and community. His active role as a peer tutor, workshop specialist and mentor at his school writing center, as well as his leadership roles and service to his community through organizations such as Best Buddies, National Honor Society, and Key Club have allowed him to extend his influence to others and develop a holistic personality.

Though Bruke has taken many steps towards his dreams, he is curious to discover where his next effort will take him. As he prepares to begin the next chapter of his life, Bruke continues to reflect on his past and think of ways and means he can better himself for the future. The support of his family and teachers has allowed  him to make early achievements. Bruke is certain that through their continued support and that of his new family and friends in the Ron Brown Scholar Program, his future is bright.

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