Caroline Haoud

Hometown: Astoria, NY

high school: Bard High School

college: Columbia University

MAJOR: Biochemistry/Physics

Caroline Elizabeth Haoud was born on March 8th, 1997, Women’s International Day, in Manhattan, New York. As immigrants in the United States, Caroline’s parents struggled to financially adjust and thus stressed the overarching intrinsic importance of knowledge and social responsibility. This ideology has been ingrained into Caroline’s life and is kept in mind as she continues to diligently and meticulously approach all of her endeavors.

As a black belt in the revered Korean martial arts Taekwondo, Caroline learned the value of self-discipline and determination, two characteristics that have not only shaped her success, but also her personality. In 2011, Caroline was Valedictorian of her graduating class at Louis Armstrong Middle School. During that same year, Caroline received acceptance into one of New York City’s best public schools, Bard High School Early College Queens (BHSECQ), where she will be graduating with an Associates of Arts degree and High School diploma. Maintaining a 3.7 GPA in her early college experience, Caroline truly appreciates the BHSECQ’s intellectually stimulating community. While taking advanced classes like Organic Chemistry, Social Psychology, English Seminar, Calculus II, and Neuroscience, Caroline realized that it is in her nature to constantly intellectually challenge herself.

Outside of class, Caroline is the Founder and President of Science Documentary Club which aims to foster and inspire a love for science in her peers. Caroline has always had a fascination with the sciences. In December 2014, Caroline conducted research at Rockefeller University pertaining to memory formation in worm species C. elegans and just recently started participating in the LAB-ASP at Rockefeller University. Through these experiences, Caroline knew that she wanted her education to extend outside of the classroom.

Caroline is also a student ambassador, advocating and promoting the excellent education she is receiving at BHSECQ. She introduces prospective students to the BHSECQ community and does her best to serve as a resource. On a typical day, Caroline can be found peer tutoring students. Caroline is a strong believer in access to free educational resources and anticipates advocating this belief on a larger scale at her next undergraduate institution. Caroline is an exceptional member of the BHSECQ community, maintaining high grades, engaging in discussion as an active citizen during her free time with peers, and lending her opinion to make the BHSECQ experience more spectacular than it already is. Caroline has also volunteered at Astoria Medical Plaza during her summers, serving her local community under Dr. Florentia Christodoulidou. Caroline plans to combine her passion of helping people of all ages with her love for sciences by becoming a medical doctor.  At her next undergraduate institution, Caroline plans to major in biochemistry and minor in physics on the pre-medical track.

Although Caroline has experienced personal and financial bumps in the road, she believes that she is the architect of her future. Giving up has never been an option for Caroline; her fearlessness to stand strong in the face of adversity and others who doubt her potential only pushes her to exceed their expectations.


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