Chidera Osuji

Hometown: Stockbridge, GA

high school: Dutchtown High School

college: Yale University

MAJOR: International Relations

From an early age, Chidera’s parents have fostered in her a passion and appreciation for education which, to this day, have persisted like an undying flame. They encouraged her when she first discovered her love of reading. Chidera would read books seemingly bigger than herself, often staying awake past her bedtime to satiate her desire for more knowledge. After finishing one book, the temporary satisfaction would quickly pass, and she would pick up another. From the diverse and numerous worlds bound between the covers of those stories, she was able to live life vicariously through the characters and to understand herself and the world with increasing clarity.

To Chidera, learning is similar to trying on new lenses with which to view the world. With each new story and each piece of knowledge gained, she is able to see the world in a different way. Her continuous thirst for knowledge has led her to various academic honors including the State of Georgia Certificate of Merit, being recognized as the 2015 Henry County STAR Student, as a College Board AP Scholar with Distinction, and also as a National Achievement Scholarship Finalist.

Chidera is also highly involved in her school and church communities. Through a variety of community service activities with her youth group at church, she has become more aware of social issues, and has learned to look beneath the surface of the way things may seem in order to fully understand the real causes, and thus, the real solutions of issues such as poverty and homelessness. Her community service involvement also extends to her extracurricular activities at school  where she is a member of organizations such as the United Nations-Sponsored Girl Up (a club geared toward providing support for girls in developing nations for education, food, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities) and an officer for Simply Serving, a community service club.

Music is something else for which Chidera has a great passion, and to which she has been very dedicated. Beyond having taught herself to play different instruments, including the piano and guitar, She has also played the alto saxophone for the past seven years and has participated in the marching band for three years. Through her tireless commitment and hard work in the band, she was appointed head drum major during her final year, and in this position her love for music and for service to others were reinforced even more strongly.

Having had to balance her dual identity as an American and a Nigerian-American, Chidera has grown to value and respect the gift that diversity is to our world. She hopes to use the skills she has gained and those she is yet to gain to pursue a career in international development, focusing on such issues as economics, politics, health, and especially education. She hopes to pass on to others the same opportunities and passion for education which she herself has been afforded, and is motivated by the hope that she can continue to make a positive impact on the world.

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