DivineAsia Miller

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

high school: Brooklyn Technical High School

college: Amherst College

MAJOR: Psychology

Born during a harried taxi-cab drive to the hospital into the ad-libbing hands of her father, DivineAsia Miller has never been one to do things the conventional way. In fact, it seems that the very course of her life was predetermined to be strange: in her childhood, she lived at one point in the intense bustle of uptown New York City, and at another in the beige and pink sand dunes of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Another time, still, she and her family spent a summer in a minivan, road tripping around the continental United States.

Such a pied upbringing made her entrance into a floundering elementary school (in Brooklyn, where she and her family finally settled down) somewhat difficult. Entering into an elementary school in the third grade, when all of the other kids had been friends for two years, isolated her from her peers and drove her into less social habits like reading and writing. This turned out to be a disguised blessing; all of the solitary practice made her a good enough writer that her teachers and parents noticed, and as a result decided to move her to a better school further away in middle school.

DivineAsia became lonely again there, and focused on her studies as a result. Unintentionally, missing out on her middle school’s social scene and honing her skills led to even more improvement. Thus, she was able to pass the test to enter into one of New York City’s specialized high schools, Brooklyn Technical High School, where she ended up majoring in Law and Society. Here, she was lonely yet again, but not for long: Tech was comprised of a new crowd of students who had a lot more in common with her, and so she came out of her shell more and became a prominent figure in her school’s community, participating in the arrangement of everything from Senior Pajama Day to her major’s Christmas gifts to teachers to Big Siblings, the school’s group for helping freshmen not feel as lonely as she did when she first got to the school. In a school that’s mostly Asian and doesn’t have very many black women as leaders in its community, this was quite an unconventional development in her life.

DivineAsia Miller plans to go away and see more of the world for college, and spends the rest of her senior year savoring moments with her family and friends before she leaves.  She plans to major in psychology and get a Ph.D. in order to become a clinical psychologist and help people suffering from mental illness as a result of trauma. Even this, she intends to pursue as a psychoanalyst, which is increasingly rare in the world of psychology, but strangeness is woven into the very fabric of her name. DivineAsia hopes to have a successful future full of things both strange and beautiful, some that she finds and learns about, but others that she creates herself.

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