Esther Brown

Hometown: Bellaire, TX

high school: Bellaire HS

college: Duke University

MAJOR: Biology/Chemical Engineering

Esther was born in Ghana and moved to the United States two months before her eight birthday and she feels very blessed by the many opportunities she has been afforded in the United States. She is grateful for her current school, Bellaire High School, where she is one of nineteen students in her class of almost 800 students pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The academic programs at Esther’s high school have challenged her intellectually and allowed her to gain a global perspective .Through the diversity of the students and teachers at her high school, this young lady has grown mentally as a person while learning from some of the most passionate and caring people.

There are many activities and programs that have impacted and enriched Esther’s high school experience. Some of these programs and activities include Emerge, Bank of America Student Leaders Program, and Yale Young Global Scholars. Emerge, a college prep organization sponsored by Esther’s school district has prepared her to pursue top tier universities and colleges. Through the Bank of America Student Leader’s Program, Esther learned about leadership strategies and cross-sector interactions during seminars with congressional, non-profit, and business leaders. In these seminars, Esther realized how politically- active individuals can advocate for policies to help other members in the society.

Esther is also very grateful for her family, friends, and mentors-people whose paths she feels very fortunate and blessed enough to have crossed. These people have laughed with her, cried with her, and refused to let her give up or settle. These people have also taught Esther what it means to be a person of integrity and honor. Above all else, these amazing people have taught her respect, humility, kindness, love, and service. Simply put, this group of amazing individuals has shaped Esther.

In addition, throughout high school, Esther has developed a passion for orphans. This passion has been one of her greatest motivators to work hard. In addition to supporting causes aligning with this passion, Esther also volunteers at her local food bank. As a Student Volunteer at the Houston Food Bank, Esther and other students directed food drives, led new volunteers into participating in the food drive, and planned and organized volunteer events. Her biggest aspiration and purpose in life is to work with a group of neuroscientists to find a cure for brain tumors. Esther also hopes to travel around the world with a group of doctors to provide surgical care at no cost to countries with lower quality health care. Esther hopes she can one day serve as an example in growing our ability to love, give, and devote ourselves to helping others.

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