Hope Jackson

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

high school: Ocean Lakes HS

college: Duke University

MAJOR: Biology / Global Health

Hope Elizabeth Jackson was born to preachers Tim and Robin Jackson. When her birth came after two miscarriages her parents said, “God gave them Hope.” Her parents’ faith in God easily translated into her own life and Hope now attributes the incredible opportunities offered to her solely to God.

Hope attends the Mathematics and Science Academy at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, VA where she pursues rigorous academics. Here, her favorite subjects include Math Modeling, Anatomy and Physiology, and Spanish. Apart from her studies, Hope has played varsity basketball for four years and has won the “My Vision for America” Voices of Democracy Audio-Essay Competition at the local post level. 

Hope’s dedication to leadership has been evident since her first campaign in fourth grade for Vice President. Ten years later she now serves as the President of the Senior Class and as a member of the Spanish and National Honor Societies. Her compassion for others is evident in her volunteerism at her church’s childcare center and service-based mission trip to Raleigh with the program YouthWorks. Hope’s passion for learning expands beyond the classroom and into her school community where she tutors chemistry. Tutoring reflects one of Hope’s beliefs that passions are contagious. Seeing others realize their potential inspires Hope to continue realizing hers.

Hope also serves as a veteran Leadership Workshop staff member, one of 25 upperclassmen responsible for planning and hosting a weekend long, student-led leadership conference. Over the course of two years, Hope has had the honor to impact over 300 underclassmen with her instructional curriculum.

After learning to embrace her own culture in the face of stark homogeneity, Hope founded and currently presides as the President of her school’s first Black Student Alliance. The club’s goal to celebrate and educate others on African American culture quickly grew membership from 15 to a 40-member mottled group. As a lover of culture and language, Hope took Spanish and French in her high school career and intends to continue this pursuit in college while trying out an Asiatic language, preferably Korean. During the summer of 2015, she attended Virginia Governor’s Language Academy for Spanish where she spent three weeks fully immersed in Spanish, taking classes in everything from yoga to Arabic.

Additionally during the summer of 2015, Hope shadowed Howard graduate, Dr. Thomas D. Kimble, Assistant Professor, Dean of Admissions, and member of the CONRAD clinical research team at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. After the mentorship, she developed a high-school lesson in contraceptives to be beta tested in her school’s Anatomy and Physiology classes in the spring. Hope plans to develop this curriculum for implementation into her school’s Physical Education and Health courses.

In the future, Hope intends to pursue a degree in Biology and Global Health at Duke University with plans to become an Obstetrician & Gynecologist and serve across the developing world.

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