Jordan Burstion

Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

high school: Jack Britt HS

college: Duke University

MAJOR: Biology

Jordan Burstion is a graduate of Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Though she was born in Fayetteville, and has lived and attended school there for the past four years, she has at times called parts of South Carolina, Virginia, Kansas, and South Korea home throughout her upbringing as a military child. As the oldest of three children she is grateful for the opportunity to have served as a big sister to her siblings as they and their parents traveled the world.

Traveling the world impressed upon Jordan an appreciation for culture, affinity for foreign langue, and ambition to seek out the experiences that would afford her the skills requisite of an impactful global citizen. After experimenting with different languages, she found a knack for Spanish language, using her excitement for the language to transcend the limitations of monolinguals and experience once in a lifetime opportunities from representing her county at North Carolina’s Governor’s School for Spanish to tutoring her school’s foreign exchange student. She is proud of and thankful for the benefits of foreign language and has worked to instill those same feelings of achievement in others as a member, and two-term President of her school’s chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society.

Her dedication to Spanish Language began in the middle school, however, high school introduced her to additional extracurricular pursuits: National Honor Society, Math and Science Honor Society, the Fayetteville Cumberland Youth Council, Biology Olympiad, and the most challenging and transformative of them all: Cross Country. The academic rigor she pursued in the classroom was balanced by relaxing and enriching activities outside of the classroom: looking forward to guest speaker engagements, volunteering at the local library, and conducting research and advertisement for her mentorship start-up: Girls L.E.AD. (Learn. Empower. Act. Dream) which gathers young girls in a book club setting where the investigation of personal topics fosters empowering introspection and gives the girls a platform upon which they can act on their dreams and effect change in their community.

Jordan attributes much of her success to the thoughtful advice she received from upstanding members in her community and hopes to serve similar roles in her present endeavors and future career aspirations. She is interested in pursuing a career in film and medicine, two seemingly oppositional paths, but she aspires to make people feel good with moving freelance films and ensure they are in good health through formal work in medicine. As she reaches the end of the college admissions process, with its excitement and uncertainty, she is motivated by the potential opportunities to pursue her passions, meet new people, and effect positive change in the world.

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