Maurice Ware

Hometown: Euclid, OH

high school: Saint Ignatius HS

college: Yale University

MAJOR: Undecided

On November 24th, 1997, Maurice Lawrence Ware was born in Euclid, Ohio to two loving parents, Patricia and Larry Ware. Being the only child of a newly wed interracial couple of 39 and 44, he was showered with all the love and support he could ask for. He was also tasked with paving his own path in life.

Maurice learned about compassion through his hardworking mother.  Maurice’s mother was a physical therapist who did pediatric work out of her home, having turned the dining room into a therapy room. Maurice spent much of his younger years observing the work his mother did with kids with disabilities and visiting his grandmother and helping take care of her every weekend. The effects of growing up with such a model would eventually manifest themselves in his high school years.

Maurice attended St. William’s grade school where he excelled in academics and struggled with sports, having started a little late. He luckily found his niche when he joined a summer swim league in 6th grade. Swimming became a passion for him and he continued to swim throughout high school. Upon graduating from his summer swim team at sixteen he applied for a volunteer coaching position. To his surprise he was offered a full coaching job. This transition from swimmer to coach was an empowering time for Maurice as he learned that he loved helping and working with people but also learned the difficulties of being a young person in a leadership position. He learned quickly that to gain respect as a leader, he must give of himself first.

After grade school Maurice applied to St. Ignatius High school, a Jesuit college prep school. At Ignatius Maurice found a drive that he lacked in his younger life. Surrounded by high achievers he found the drive to prove he deserved to be there too. Outside of pushing himself academically by pursuing AP and honors courses he also joined the men's chorus, rekindling a forgotten love of music. The competitive environment at Ignatius also brought back a forgotten love for learning and ultimately lead to his being named a National Merit Finalist. However, the most important thing Ignatius retrieved from Maurice’s past was the compassion he found by watching his mother. At Ignatius Maurice found programs such as Friends with L’Arche, a group that visits the homes of people with developmental disabilities, or Labre, a homeless ministry which goes out to the streets of Cleveland with food and other needs. His involvement with these programs rekindled his love for people and helped him realize what he wanted in life.

Maurice now plans to attend Yale University in the fall. He will enroll undecided as he has yet to find a certain intellectual calling; however his desire to work with people and ultimately help others remains his number one driving force going forward. He plans to get involved with Yale’s Hunger and Homeless Action Project and search for the best path to fulfill both his ambition and compassion.



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