Meagan Lane

Hometown: Bowie, MD

high school: The Madeira School

college: University of Southern California

MAJOR: Business

Having assisted her mother with her real estate business at age seven, writing a chapter book by age nine, and starting to think about business plans at age 10, Meagan earned a reputation as a budding talent at an early age. As stated by many of her loved ones, her wisdom beyond her years makes her truly unique.

Perhaps Meagan's precocity can be attributed to the vast array of unusual experiences she underwent as a child, some of the most impactful being frequent relocation, bearing witness to domestic assault, and struggling with bullying and sexual abuse. Even so, Meagan found joy in performing well in school. Her focus on academics and extracurricular involvements became an all-important outlet as she continued to grow. While in middle school, Meagan became a nationally-recognized debater. She and her partner earned first runners-up in the Public Forum National Forensics League competition in 2011. The following year, she earned accolades as a speaker at contests hosted by Harvard, Georgetown, and Wake Forest.

Though her career as a debater came to an end when she entered high school, Meagan sought out to establish herself as a trailblazer within her school's community. She has served as both as Class President and as a Residential Assistant, has worked with organizations like Student Diversity Board, Green Team, and Student Activities Committee. She started her school's cheerleading club and founded her school's chapter of the National History Day program, earning state-level recognition for her personal submissions two years in a row. She is heavily involved in the arts as a dancer, as a filmmaker, and as an actress, and established her school's awards system for the recognition of outstanding arts students. She has worked as an elementary school volunteer, has completed an internship in the U.S. House of Representatives, and now assists peers as a Spanish Tutor. She was chosen as a 2015 LEAD Scholar, attending camp for young business minds at the University of Pennsylvania. Most notably, she's done it all while maintaining an A average.

Meagan's love for school (which prompted her to attempt evading a trip to Disney World as an elementary school student for fear of missing class) has remained strong throughout her journey. One of her fondest childhood memories is going to Target each year with her grandparents to pick out new school supplies. Her grandfather, now deceased, played a tremendous role in her learning to appreciate the value of education. Meagan also looks to her mother as her source of support and motivation. She is especially grateful to God who has molded her to become the individual she is today.

Meagan hopes to continue her growth as an intellectual and further her service to society on a larger scale. She looks forward to the opportunities that will allow her to explore her curiosity and challenge her to develop.

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