Frelicia Tucker

Hometown: Aiken, SC

high school: Aiken HS

college: Rice University

MAJOR: Chemical Engineering

Frelicia was born on the 22nd of October prematurely and with a twin sister. While her family grew by two, one member was taken away, for her dad went to prison two weeks after their birth to serve a seven year sentence. Her mom had to raise 3 little girls, the first born and twins, in poverty with no father.

Although her mom had to assume the sole responsibility of such a strenuous task, she persevered. She juggled working 12 hours shifts and home-making to provide for the wants and needs of daughters.

Upon Frelicia's father's release from prison, he introduced riddles and math problems. The more problems she solved, the harder the equations became, and yet, the more intrigued she was in the challenge. Frelicia's fascination with learning the unknown seeped into her school studies. As a result of the puzzling games she played with her dad, taking on a challenge, whether academically or athletically has only excited her! However, the games with her father suddenly came to an end. On September 15, 2008, he was murdered during a home invasion.

Losing her dad has been the biggest challenge Frelicia has ever faced, but by channeling her mother's perseverance and dad's resilience, she have been able to utilize this tragedy as motivation to continue to achieve. For example, she’ll never fill the void her father's death created, but through running track, Frelicia knows he is with her in spirit. Hence, the last 8 years Frelicia has been metaphorically and physically jumping over hurdles with him as her motivation. She overcame her toughest hurdle yet, losing her dad, by pursuing her passion as a 400 meter hurdler. During her sophomore year Frelicia's teammates looked towards her as their captain. She won gold at State in her favorite event and even broke 3 school records—two of which were over 20 years old! Scholastically, Frelicia set the goal to have the highest GPA in her class. With a passion for education that started with her father and support from her teachers, she is now the Valedictorian of her graduating class.

Frelicia continues to lead and excel in her school and her community. She is the Student Body President of Aiken High School, the NAACP Aiken Youth Council President, and has acted as the State NAACP Youth and College Division President in 2016. She was named the Wendy's High school Heisman National Female Winner out of 20,000 applicants, being the first African American female and South Carolinian to receive this honor. As a result of Frelicia's accomplishments and work ethic, the city of Aiken presented her with her own holiday: January 12, 2017, Frelicia Tucker Day.

In the fall of 2017, Frelicia plans on attending Rice University as a Chemical Engineer major and a member of their Track and Field team.

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