Jadal Williams

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

high school: Ann Arbor Huron HS

college: Stanford University

MAJOR: Engineering

Jadal Williams is an African American male who grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has 3 brothers and they all strive for success.  He loves to play sports and is on his high school’s varsity golf and tennis teams. His hard work and dedication can be seen in the classroom, during a sports match, and through his commitment to help others.

Ever since the 1st grade Jadal was a year ahead in math. Then in the 7th grade he was accelerated another year. His mathematical talent was seen by excelling in BC Calculus as a 10th grader and through tutoring college students in Differential Equations during his junior year.  Jadal enjoys problem solving which has led him to major in engineering in college. Jadal believes engineering is the best way to apply his strong mathematical knowledge to create inventions to help others.

Jadal attends Huron high school and his school mirrors the welcoming racial, ethnic, and religious diversity of Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, in Jadal’s accelerated and advanced placement classes this diversity disappears. He is usually the only African American or one of two in class. This fact has helped Jadal develop a mentality to work hard and do his best. He has to perform exceptionally well to prove to his peers that he belongs. In his advanced math classes, Jadal has been one of the youngest students and usually the only African American. Yet, each year, Jadal has been rewarded with the honor of having one of the highest grades in class.

Giving back to others is a part of Jadal’s philosophy. Ever since the 4th grade he has learned complex problem solving techniques through the Ann Arbor Math Olympiad Co-op (AAMOC).  This program taught Jadal how to dissect difficult math problems into simple solutions. Since sophomore year Jadal has been giving back to AAMOC as a student teacher. He teaches younger students from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds algebra, geometry, and how to problem solve by thinking outside the box. In addition to math olympiad, Jadal is the Co-President of his high school’s Interact Service Club. As Co- president Jadal organizes service activities, locates guest speakers, and recruits members.  Interact participates in service activities throughout Ann Arbor and also internationally. Some of the volunteering events this year include participating in food drives, teaching english via Skype to students in Guatemala, and joining marches to end world hunger and polio. Jadal’s experiences have taught him how to appreciate diversity, help others, and work hard to succeed.

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