Desmond Howard

Hometown: Lexington, KY

high school: Bryan Station High School

college: University of Pennsylvania

MAJOR: Computer Science

Desmond Howard is a senior at Bryan Station High School in Lexington, Kentucky, and is a member of the Information Technology (IT) Academy at his school. Through this program, he has been able to improve his computer skills while gaining an understanding in the many ways technology functions in a business environment. Also, Desmond has been fortunate enough to be named Valedictorian of this academy.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and reared in Lexington, Kentucky, Desmond admits that he deeply adores the exciting, fast-paced atmospheres that large cities have to offer, and reveals that this admiration played a pivotal role in his college decision. After several months of wait and anticipation, he has decided that he will attend the University of Pennsylvania. While Desmond was at first hesitant to leave his mother alone and relocate to a city ten hours away, he has assured her that he frequently will be in contact by phone and will visit her at every available opportunity.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Physics and graduating from a Tier 1 law school, Desmond will pursue employment within a law firm that handles patents. While interning at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, he was introduced to the discipline of patent law and believes that this area will allow him to combine his passion for physics with his desire to be a lawyer. Furthermore, he is sure that this profession will provide meaningful work that he will be able to utilize in order to leave a genuine impact on the world, a persistent objective that essentially serves as the basis for any action that he pursues.

Although academics consume a large portion of Desmond’s time, he does manage to participate in a various extra-curricular activities. He has been Captain of his high school’s track team for two years, a position that not only has given him opportunities to educate younger runners about different techniques and strategies, but has also allowed him to learn about both leadership and running. He is a member of the city’s Mayor’s Youth Council and serves on its Leadership Team, in which he is able to assist in planning the Council’s bi-weekly meetings and coordinating community leaders to speak before the group.

Desmond strongly believes that everyone should demonstrate a conscious effort to serve his or her community, and hopes that he will be able to continue to encourage others to do so throughout his lifetime.

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