Anthony M. Pilaro

Anthony M PilaroAnthony  M. Pilaro

Founder, Ron Brown Scholar Program    

Anthony M. Pilaro, philanthropist and chairman of the CAP Charitable Foundation and the CAP Advisers Limited of Dublin believes in a simple philanthropic philosophy: “Given the proper nurturing and resources, people will give freely – not only with their dollars, but of their time, abilities, and creativity.”

Following the 1996 death of Secretary of Commerce Ronald Brown, Mr. Pilaro and the CAP Charitable Foundation undertook the perpetuation of Secretary Brown’s legacy of achievement, leadership and outreach by founding the Ron Brown Scholar Program. “When our family founded the Ron Brown Scholar Program,” states Mr. Pilaro, “We began with a simple concept: to create a program where bright, motivated young African-Americans could come together and help each other succeed, not just through college, but for a lifetime.  We provided them with a foundation to begin their journey: a $40,000 scholarship and a network of dedicated staff and mentors to guide them along the way. What resulted from this vision has far surpassed our highest expectation and yielded a program that has not only changed lives but has created an institution for the cultivation of individuals who are becoming and will continue to become America’s future great leaders. I ultimately believe that this powerful body of compassionate intellectuals that grows every year will make a lasting contribution to our nation.”