Hassan Hassen

Hometown: Marietta, GA

high school: South Cobb

college: Dartmouth College

MAJOR: Chemistry / Neuroscience

Hassan is a highly motivated and diligent student, excelling in his coursework and extracurricular activities despite facing adversity. He has made a personal commitment to serve his community and views his volunteer work as a driving force in his life.

Hassan loves to play tennis. He values it for the focus, exercise, and agility training it offers. This past summer, Hassan was an assistant coach for the YMCA tennis camp in his area, working five days a week to make sure the kids had a fun and healthy summer. He currently plays first singles on his school's tennis team. In the off-season, Hassan participates on his school's cross country team. Although he is the not the fastest runner on his team, cross-country is excellent conditioning for the body and mind. He has improved his personal best significantly since his freshman year and hopes to run a half marathon by this summer.

Hassan is heavily involved in other activities at school, including Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA), Muslim Student Awareness, National Honors Society and Environmental Club. He recently went to the HOSA state competition and placed in the Health Issues area, earning him a spot to compete in national competition. Hassan has volunteered over 800 hours, attributed to his service at the tennis camp, a local hospital, other organizations and school functions.

Hassan's life changed tremendously when his father's epilepsy worsened, hindering him from working and sending him to the hospital frequently. Seeing his father in and out of the hospital and his mother working long days, Hassan was inspired to impact the lives of others even as he was earning top grades in school. Hassan's hard work recently earned him an acceptance to his dream school, Dartmouth College, which he will be attending this fall.

After establishing his career, Hassan dreams of opening a boarding school for underprivileged students so that they can gain knowledge and experience life with fewer barriers. Hassan says, "I always wake up in the morning thinking about my future and how different my family's circumstances would be if I reached my goals. I am sure I am not the only one who shares this sentiment. That is what keeps me on track and ready to do work every day. I do not want myself or anyone else to fail because of our circumstances; I want people to flourish because of them." His service not only enriched the lives he touched, but also helped him develop as a person. He hopes his perseverance sets an example for struggling students in his city who often do not have prominent role models.

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