Jonathan Piper

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH

high school: Lake Ridge Academy

college: Wake Forest University

MAJOR: Chemistry

GRAD. PROGRAM: Wake Forest University (2004, MS)

After deciding I was through with the chem lab, I decided I should give computer science a try during my senior year at Wake Forest University. As a Freshman, somehow it made sense to delay starting the CS curriculum for fear that it may distract me from my desired majors: chemistry and mathematics. While finishing a MS in computer science, I owned a turbocharger internet retail business. Other than the challenge and learning experience of building a company from scratch, there was essentially nothing fulfilling about selling turbos. When I was recruited by MIMvista as a research software engineer, I decided to take a break from both and give working for a small business a try. MIMvista is a medical imaging software firm, specializing in multi-modality image display, fusion, contouring, and analysis. Since then, I've been named the Director of Research for MIMvista, where we have developed several bleeding-edge software tools to serve multiple markets including radiology, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy.

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