Montell Brown

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

high school: Oak Hills High School

college: University of Pennsylvania

MAJOR: Criminology

Montell Brown, a young man from Cincinnati, Ohio, serves as the epitome of a black male in the chaos of an ever-changing society. He strives for excellence in all that he does, working tirelessly to achieve greater. It started in elementary school when he moved to a new school and was the only African American student in his grade. Expectations of him were substandardÍž he was written off as mediocre. He was determined to not feel bound by their preconceived notions of mediocrity. He knew his destiny was to achieve greatness. From that point forward, Montell Brown altered stereotypes, strived for excellence, and made a difference in the community.

Since middle school, Montell has aspired to serve his community as a public servant and politician. Being the studious young man that he is, he began to volunteer at Good Samaritan Hospital to contribute his abilities to taking care of members of the community. What he discovered from his service changed his life forever. Montell began as a youth volunteer transporting patients and families throughout the hospitalÍž while performing these tasks, he learned important characteristics such as the importance of hard work, communication, and attention to detail. Several years later, he was promoted to honorably serve as a Supervisory Intern, regulating the activities of 200 youth volunteers. What appeared as a formidable task, Montell attacked with great pride and executed his duties successfully. Overall, he learned key leadership traits that led him to effectively make a difference in the hospital, as well as his local community.

Montell Brown attended high school as one of the very few African American students in a school population of around 2800 students. However, he took this fact as motivation for excelling in every aspect of his life. As such, he partook in selective activities such as the football team, mock trial team, and class government, all of which quenched his intellectual thirst for varied knowledge and experience. On the football team, Montell eventually served as Team Captain, leading his team on and off the field. He led with character and dignity, never hesitating to help a teammate in need. Through his impact with the football team, he also made a major impact in the local community by serving on many community service projects and initiatives to make tangible change for others. In addition, Montell served on the Mock Trial team as an attorney, leading his team to the State Competition for three consecutive years. Accordingly, Montell took over the illustrious position of President of the esteemed organization. Lastly, Montell was elected the first African American Class President in the history of his school since its inception in 1958, serving for all four years of high school culminating with his speech at Graduation Commencement. These achievements came as a result of Montell's dedication, care for others, and quest for excellence supplemented with his unwavering faith in God.

Montell Brown embodies the principles necessary for success in the chaos of modern day life. He is a leader like no other as he truly cares about those around him, and fights to do what it is right. Through his service to others, Montell will achieve greatness and truly make a difference, not only in the community . . . but in the entire world.

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