On behalf of the Ron Brown Scholar Fund I am delighted to welcome you to the Ron Brown Scholar Program's website. Our initial benefactor, Tony Pilaro, predicted that this would be no ordinary scholarship program; we are a team and a family. We are proud to be part of the lives of our Ron Brown Scholars for the past 22 years and especially proud of the way our Scholars have used the benefits of the scholarship and mentorship to sculpt their own visions of success and accomplishment at their respective colleges, universities and beyond.

The Ron Brown Scholar Program (a public 501(c)3 charity) is a national program benefiting low income, academically talented and highly motivated African American high school seniors who have demonstrated financial need, social commitment and leadership potential.

We award our Scholars $40,000 towards their college costs—$10,000 per year for four years. Each Scholar receives individualized attention throughout his or her academic year as we organize and coordinate career and community-oriented internships, promote strong links among our Scholars, and every three years bring the Scholars to a highly -interactive Summer Leadership Conference to promote fellowship and the exchange of ideas.

Our Scholars are students whose records reveal not only undeniable academic prowess, evidenced by our 99% graduation rate, but also leadership and strong social concern for their immediate and larger communities. Our Program greatly benefits from an 82% giving rate and an overall continued engagement rate of 80% from our Scholars and alumni, demonstrating that these are young, motivated people who will use their success to contribute in meaningful ways, both as members of their own communities and society as a whole. We attempt to enable those in the Program, along with our alumni, to have a clear sense of themselves as Ron Brown Scholars; from the classroom and beyond, once a Ron Brown Scholar, always a Ron Brown Scholar.

Though we award between 20–30 students with our Scholarship per year, the top 3% of our applicants are invited to join our Ron Brown Leaders Network, where they represent the Program as Ron Brown Captains. Today, the Ron Brown Leaders Network serves as the intersection between Scholars, Captains, our corporate sponsors and mentors.

We are also proud of the recent launch of our Guided Pathway Support (GPS) Program, a high school college access initiative which demonstrates the power of channeling the skills, talents and experiences of those in our Ron Brown Network to motivate, encourage and guide high school juniors and seniors through their college application journey.

I invite you to peruse our website to learn more about our Program and be inspired by the accomplishments of our outstanding Ron Brown Scholars. I am so proud of these young adults who exemplify the dedication to excellence and public service that late Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown embodied; leaving the ladder down so those behind them may climb up. I would also be honored if you would consider making a gift in support of the Ron Brown Scholar Program, helping our Scholars to realize their full potential. Thank you for your interest in our Scholars and our Program.

Michael A. Mallory
President & CEO