Welcome to the Ron Brown Scholar Program's website. We are delighted to have been part of the lives of our Ron Brown Scholars for the past 23 years. We are also particularly proud of and continue to be driven by (i) our 99% graduation rate, representing 489 Scholars since inception, and (ii) the inspiring ways in which our Scholars have used the benefits of the scholarship and the Program’s mentorship to sculpt their individual visions of success both during their university years and beyond.

The Ron Brown Scholar Fund (a public 501(c)3 charity) is a national Program benefiting low income, academically talented, and highly motivated African American high school seniors who have demonstrated financial need, social commitment, and leadership potential. Each year, we award 20-30 high school seniors a $40,000 scholarship towards a college of their choice. To date, we have provided over $19 million in scholarships.

In our Program, the award represents the entry point for a lifelong relationship between the Scholars and us. Throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies, we remain in close contact with each Scholar and provide individualized attention as needed for academic, financial, professional, and social goals. When needed, we often coordinate career- or community-oriented internships during Scholars’ university years or facilitate full-time professional roles after graduation, thereby supplementing whatever preexisting network the scholar may or may not have. We also provide multiple opportunities over the course of each year for Scholars to interact with each other, with Alumni Scholars of the program, and with external mentors associated with the Program.

We believe the quality of our Scholars, in conjunction with our relatively active approach to providing support and opportunities, is evidenced by the numbers: We have a 99% college graduation, an 82% giving rate (over half a million dollars has been donated cumulatively through 2020 Q1 by Scholars and Alumni alone), and an ongoing engagement rate of 80%.

Beyond the Ron Brown Scholar Fund (i.e., the 20–30 annual scholarships), we also invite the top 3% of our thousands of annual scholarship applicants to join our Ron Brown Leaders Network, where they represent the Program as Ron Brown Captains. Today, the Ron Brown Leaders Network serves as the intersection between Scholars, Captains, our corporate sponsors, and our mentors.

Finally, we were excited by the launch of our Guided Pathway Support (GPS) Program in 2015. GPS is a college access initiative that demonstrates the power of our Ron Brown Network to motivate, encourage, and guide high school juniors and seniors through their college application journey.  GPS, an online tool that looks like Facebook but operates like LinkedIn, has served nearly 4,000 students.

Thank you for your interest in our Scholars and our Program. [Please reach out to us any time if you have questions or would like to be involved.]

Michael A. Mallory
President & CEO