Guided Pathway Support Program

The Guided Pathway Support Program (GPS) helps African-American juniors and seniors navigate the path to top colleges by directing students to the most comprehensive and reliable resources available. GPS teaches students how to prepare for, apply to, pay for, persist in and graduate from college.

Using our “high tech and high touch” approach, GPS narrows the college access gap using tele-mentoring through our exclusive GPS Workplace by Facebook community, direct interactions with admissions professionals and exposure to successful peer role models. GPS empowers high school juniors, seniors, their parents and their guidance counselors throughout the college application process.

With GPS, the messengers complement the message. GPS students are mentored and guided by Ron Brown Scholars and Captains. As opposed to traditional mentoring programs, Ron Brown Scholars and Captains are similar in life experiences, racial identity, age, and income to meaningfully engage GPS students.  They have already successfully navigated college journeys from hardship into America’s top colleges and universities, graduate schools and corporations and are eager to guide others.

For more information about the Guided Pathway Support Program, please contact Kiya Jones at (434) 964-1588 or by email at

How to apply? 

Students must apply online through the GPS website:

What are the application requirements? 

Students are required to submit a completed online application, a letter of recommendation, an unofficial high school transcript and two brief essays.

Who should apply? 

To be eligible, students must:

  • be a current high school sophomore or junior at the time of application. Please note that high school seniors who will be enrolling in college in fall 2017 are ineligible to apply.
  • have a strong academic record
  • have demonstrated leadership and active involvement at school and/or in the community
  • be African American.

When to apply? 

The application for 2017-2018 academic year will open March 1, 2017. The application deadline is Wednesday, May 31, 2017.  Accepted students should expect to be notified on a rolling basis no later than July 15, 2017.

Is the process competitive? 


Is there a fee? 


What services will be provided?

  • Exclusive Access to the GPS Workplace by Facebook Community. GPS students can receive strategic college and financial information any time of day from any place on the globe that a wifi connection can reach. Through our exclusive Workplace by Facebook platform, GPS participants can receive support in times of academic duress, connect with current students and alumni at their dream colleges, learn about last minute scholarship opportunities and have all of their college application and financial aid questions any time of day. Our Workplace by Facebook platform is a college admissions information hub, not a social site and does not interface with any personal Facebook or social media pages.
  • College Application Advice & Strategies. Students selected will have access to information on SAT and ACT prep, AP and IB exams, college application advice and interventions, essay-writing, mock interviews, and other resources to help them make their very best college and career choices.
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and Leadership Development. Participants in the GPS program receive customized counsel from Ron Brown Scholars and Captains -- African American undergraduates, graduate students and young professionals who have first-hand experience in traversing the admissions process to highly selective universities.
  • Financial Aid Guidance. Information about how to navigate the financial aid process, including school-specific financial aid advice, information about scholarships and guidance on applying for grants is available to GPS students.
  • Frequent Financial Aid and Scholarship Reminders. GPS students receive frequent reminders about scholarship, financial aid, and college prep programs on most of their devices and communications platforms.
  • Professional Development. GPS students are invited to participate in the College Journey Webinar Series, intensive, hands-on monthly webinars that guide students through every step of the college application and financial aid process.  

For more information about the Guided Pathway Support Program (GPS), please contact Kiya Jones at (434) 964-1588 or by email at

APPLY HERE: Guided Pathway Support (GPS) Application