RBS Community Service Foundation

At the heart of the Ron Brown Scholar Program lies an unshakable commitment to service. The Ron Brown Scholar Program launched its Community Service Foundation (CSF) in April of 2008 with the intent to help Ron Brown Scholars continue serving their communities through innovative service projects. Thanks to a gift from the CAP Charitable Foundation, the CSF will award small grants to Ron Brown Scholar applicants who submit proposals of service projects that demonstrate visionary solutions to problems of social importance.

The Foundation gives the opportunity for Ron Brown Scholars to encourage one another in their service endeavors and also bolsters the reach of the Ron Brown Scholar Program further into the greater African American community. Scholars offer their skills and insights to make an impact at the local level, and the collective ambition and support offered by the Program will heighten that impact to achieve a nationwide-and even global-reach.

The Foundation places no restrictions on the type of service to be administered or the demographics of the communities to receive the benefits. The foundation encourages Scholars to propose innovative solutions to problems occurring in any population, and look to apply their skills in areas where those skills traditionally have not been incorporated. A Scholar applicant's method of service may range from direct outreach to research of a socially-relevant issue to providing administrative consultation to an organization that provides a crucial service but is not operating at full capacity.

All Ron Brown Scholars are eligible to apply and collaboration between Ron Brown Scholars is especially encouraged. Grant recipients will receive funding from the Foundation and will present their projects and outcomes at the Ron Brown Scholar Leadership Conferences and Selection Weekends.

Contact Vanessa Evans at vevans@ronbrown.org for more information about this initiative. 

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