BET - GREAT 28: Brandon Nicholson Is Creating Tech Opportunities

William Tarpeh, RBS 2008

Sean Nolan, MIT PhD, Ron Brown Scholar 1999

Sam Alemayehu

Robert Kabera

Rashaan King

Lucas Habte

"The Ron Brown Scholar Program is the gift that keeps on giving. More than ten years ago, when I became a Ron Brown Scholar, I had no idea that the Program would be such an integral part of my life - a source of lasting relationships that grow year to year, mentorship and guidance, opportunities to serve and to learn. It has been an immeasurable blessing to be a part of this family. I plan to give back to it for years to come.” —Karla Hardy, RBS 2001

"Whenever I find myself describing the Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP), one certain phrase always finds its way in: ‘Ron Brown is not a scholarship - it’s a family.’ I am so very blessed to have had the opportunity to become one tiny piece of this extraordinary ‘Network of Scholars & Friends for Good. I will continue to make sure to pay it forward."—Kani Heita, RBS 2008

"There were times when I would often wonder, ‘What is it about the Ron Brown Scholar Program that enables it to exude such a familial presence?’ Over the years, my question has been readily answered as the Program continues to serve as a vital aspect of my life. I found that the RBSP embodies what most organizations seldom encompass: a 1) nurturing, 2) mentoring, and 3) networking component-all which are made possible by compassionate and dedicated leadership, staff, and friends. These individuals inspire and empower us as Scholars to understand and live out the depth and breadth of our varied vocational calls while providing us the space and guidance to come together and revitalize one another through the expression of our shared passions and interests.”—Eddie Martin Jr., RBS 2000

"The Ron Brown Scholar Program taught me that social change begins with individual action; policy is only as good as those faithfully carrying it out.  That’s why I teach, to instill in my students the sense of curiosity, wonder and healthy skepticism necessary for them to become individuals of action, making the world of their children better.” —Errol Saunders, RBS 2002

"I think we all grow up with dreams of what we want to do when we grow up. I think most people let go of these dreams as they enter adulthood. I’ve found that more than anything else, having this deep network of mentors and peers emboldens me to take adventures, to take risks, and challenge myself . . . to actually become the person that I described in my application back in 1997. . . I will always be grateful for the advice and love that has been shared over the years." —John Alexander Burton, RBS 1997